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President-elect Joe Biden, surrounded by just a handful of his staff in Delaware, is using the meeting to monitor his plans to take power. Three blocks from the White House, the two-story, $1.5 million office building, which measures 1,000 square feet, is largely derelict and regularly disinfected several times a day. Since Trump vacated the compound and Biden's team moved in, there has been no top-to-bottom cleaning of the West Wing.

Steps to use and dispose of PPE will be made public and made available to all employees, according to the White House's human resources website.

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Over the past two decades, improvements have been made to secure, non-classified video conferencing, and telecommuting is possible for White House staff. Biden's closest team is experimenting with the work in person - the work on the person was during his time as vice president, when a masked and aloof staffer in a hotel conference room oversaw his return to the conference rooms, even though the White House was open 24 hours a day. Teleworking on White House computers was not permitted in the early days of Barack Obama's presidency, but improvements in security and the use of secure video conferencing telephones have made it possible in recent years.

Biden's team believes the biggest risks can be mitigated by following scientific recommendations to hold safe events, cover up faces and regularly test. A former official said the White House's ventilation system, hardened to withstand chemical and biological threats, is less of a concern than a typical building, but that it does not take risks. He said the move was intended to prevent the possibility of an attack by a terrorist group like the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Guests are required to wear masks if it is necessary to stay within 6 feet of each other. Unless specifically requested and approved by a guest, room cleaning staff may only enter the room if they follow established security protocols. It is a staffing requirement - far-reaching - to report suspected cases to local health authorities and to respond quickly. We abide by all federal and local government regulations that require the safety of our guests, employees, guests and employees, as well as the rules of the White House.

Kate Andersen Brower, author of In Residence, said: "The whole move is usually completed in about five to six hours. If you become ill during your stay, please isolate yourself, notify the front desk immediately and contact the Chicago Department of Public Health. Any employee who notices at work that a member of staff or guest is showing symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately contact their supervisor.

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