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According to USA Today, L Brands plans to close 250 Victoria's Secret stores in the US and Canada and plans to permanently close all of its Bath & Body Works stores. According to a press release, L Brands plans to close 250 "Secret" stores in the US, Canada and Australia, according to Business Insider.

According to a list published by CNBC, the closures include Victoria's Secret stores in the US, Canada and Australia, but none of the companies - owned stores are located in Pennsylvania. The closed shops include the White Hall Shopping Centre in Whitehall Township, PennLive confirmed in June. This is the first time in more than a decade that a company has operated a store near Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce said.

The store is part of the struggling department store chain, which will close all its stores by summer 2020. Among them are 31 that have already been decommissioned by 2020 and 35 that will be shut down by the end of January 2021, the website said. Gamestop stores that close this year include the White Hall Shopping Centre in Whitehall Township and three other locations in Pennsylvania. There are 10 Catherine stores across the state, including two in Harrisburg, one in Chester County and one each in Allegheny and Montgomery County, according to PennLive.

Signet Jewelers, which operates thousands of jewelry stores in the US under the Jars of the Sea and Piercing Pagoda brands, plans to close another 150 stores during the fiscal year that ends in February 2021, according to the newspaper.

Children's Place plans to close another 200 stores by the end of 2021, according to today's report, and there will be a total of 405 stores, including those the retailer would close by February 2020, and 50 more that would close during the 2022 financial year. After the outbreak of the pandemic, Bed, Bath & Beyond planned to close 40 of its stores by March 2020. The company said at the time that it planned to close a further 192 sites in February 2021, and now plans to close 20 of them. These 20 stores mark the end of the line for other chains owned by BB & B, including Buybuy, BABY, Cost World and Market, "the report said.

The store closures of many national retailers will be felt at a central Pennsylvania mall. As of March 31, 2020, GNC had approximately 5,200 retail locations in the United States, including over 1,000 in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Florida, Texas and New Jersey. To date, 2,500 stores operated by the company have closed. That includes the first 30 stores that close this year and the rest in 2019, according to Business Insider.

Lane Bryant is closing more than 150 stores, including locations in Pennsylvania, according to USA Today. It is not clear how many stores remain, but most closures have reportedly begun with the shift of inventory from target markets to distribution centers. Walgreens announced last August that it plans to close about 200 locations in the United States, but did not say when the closures would take place. Luxottica announced on its website that it would close all of its stores on February 1, including stores in New York, California, Florida, Texas and New Jersey; locations have not been announced. Eight stores will close permanently over the next two years, including two in Indiana, one each in Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin; eight stores will close permanently in 2019, including three in North Carolina, four in Texas, two each in Florida and Pennsylvania, and two more in California.

It is one of the largest department stores in the area and will leave a large open space of three stories in the mall, according to the Indiana Department of Commerce.

In November, Kmart owner Transformco said it would close 45 Sears stores by February 2020, including its Whitehall store and its North Wales stores. In October, transformco and owner Sears announced they would close 51 of their stores, including stores like the White Hall store and North Welsh's, as well as several other locations in Indiana and Illinois, beginning in February 2019, according to the Indiana Department of Commerce.

On August 3, the company announced the closure of all stores in the United States and Canada, as well as several other locations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

At the time, the company said it expected to permanently close 230 of its 687 locations and announced plans to close underperforming stores over the summer. It can be said that the majority of retailers are closing their stores at least temporarily because of COVID-19, but it is also true that they said at the time that they would close 230 of their 6,87 locations permanently.

One of the stores that will close this year is the Lancaster Outlet Store in White Hall, Indiana, north of Fort Wayne. Lancaster has signed a contract with Dalzell Viking Glass Co. to produce selected American items in Fostoria molds.

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