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When travelers choose a destination in the US, they tend to forget that the Midwest is beautiful and incredibly diverse. From world-renowned museums to beautiful parks and historic sites, Indiana offers a wide range of attractive cities with plenty of opportunities for travelers of all ages. Too often seen as a car journey, in the US the capital has become a destination of its own, filling a weekend or a week's holiday. Indianapolis has dozens of tasteful accommodations, ranging from high-end art collections to more relaxed and uncomplicated options.

If you choose a traditional stay in the city centre, you will opt for a special action - a holiday full of activities. Visit some of India's best attractions, including the Indianapolis Natural History Museum, Indiana State Museum and the University of Indianapolis. Most of the city's attractions, including the Indianapolis Zoo, are within walking distance. At the Indianapolis Zoo, unique animal encounters are a must-see on every Indianapolis list. Walk past the flamingos, touch a shark or go face to face with a tiger, all available at the zoo.

Another cool museum worth a visit is the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which happens to be the largest children's museum in the world. This old Indianapolis park houses the Indiana State Museum, Indiana University and the University of Indiana. The Sunken Gardens of Indianapolis National Historical Park offer a unique view of the city's history, culture, and history in general.

The trail is linked to the Indy Pacers Bikeshare program, with most of the 29 bike rental stations located just blocks from the trail. If you're looking for a Las Vegas feel in the heart of Indy, the Indiana Grand Racing Casino is the perfect destination for your next trip to town. Indianapolis Downtown rounds out the bill, but you have to be especially aware to stay within your budget if you want to be near a convention center.

While you are there, you will be spoiled with a mini history lesson and get a glimpse into the tavern, which is located in the former house of the 37 merchants who have been in business since 1886. At the age of 27, William Henry was appointed the first governor of Indiana, a wilderness that spans what is now the capital, Indianapolis, and many other cities and towns. Indiana has claimed two houses once occupied by two of America's most influential men, George Washington and Henry Ford. Inside the museum, families will discover artworks representing the 92 counties of the great state of Indiana.

About 50 African-American families live in the Georgetown neighborhood, which is located on Walnut Street north of Main Street. The proximity to the Ohio River led to a community of free blacks that dates back to 1820. When enslaved freedom seekers came to Indiana, where they found shelter and helped move north, the border between the community and the river became a breeding ground for subway activities.

Harris, who is known for his size and enormous strength, helped freedom seekers travel the Hanover route to Lancaster, Indiana. He met the famous abolitionist John Brown when he was crossing Lancaster on his way to New York City. The Harrisons hosted a dinner party for abolitionists and their families in the dining room of their home.

A small handful of aides accompanied Pence to the shooting, which took place at the Indiana Statehouse, where Pence's family was visited by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen. He also traveled to Shorewood, Minn., a Minneapolis suburb, to attend a fundraiser for the Minnesota chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Pence has also distinguished himself as a Lincoln historian, and some pages had special significance for him, according to a source familiar with the Indiana trip. True West, which features a replica of the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., is one of Pence's favorite stops on his trip to the West Coast.

The Indiana Historical Society is beautifully located on the Central Canal, allowing visitors to discover the fascinating stories of Indiana's past in an interactive way that the whole family will enjoy. Next March, a new sports legend experience will be added, and the Dinosphere will take visitors back to the time of the dinosaurs, along with other attractions, including a chocolate themed slide.

The Federal Manor was built between 1802 and 1804 on a hill on the Wabash River and borrowed elements of the fountain - to - do Harrison and was quite challenging for the border region. Don't miss the 16-room Italian-style house built in 1874, and the two-story house across the river. The mansion was built by financier and railroad magnate James Lanier, who moved from New York in 1849 and made a name for himself in financial circles, but maintained ties to the Hoosier State by lending the state more than $1 million during the Civil War.

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